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Outlands Jedi Order code:

A Jedi respects life, in all forms

A Jedi serves and protects, in harmony

A Jedi constantly improves

A Jedi never acts in anger

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The premier JEDI Academy

The Denver Jedi Academy is the premier light saber martial arts academy dedicated to the way of the Jedi warrior and started in 2004. 

Our Saber Sensei's™ program is the most realistic light saber dueling experience in the world. We were the first and we are still the best!

Real skills, real challenges, real fun.

Experience the thrill and excitement of full contact light saber dueling as you learn the fine art and discipline of real swordsmanship.

Classes are guided by actual martial arts instructors with step by step demonstration of proper techniques. This allows you to see and understand the different canon styles and there underlying real world influences as well as the attack lines, striking combinations, footwork patterns, and defensive applications that set them apart from each other.

Dueling with fellow Saber Sensei™ combatants teaches both discipline and skill so that your light saber experience will no longer be random flailing attacks and defense. The best part? You stay FIT, have FUN and aquire all the SKILLS you need to defend yourself in REAL LIFE situations.

Our Saber Sensei's™ Combat Light Saber System is built upon an eclectic mix of Asian as well as European weapon based Martial Arts many of which have been the influence of the popular canon styles derived in the movies.

You will learn the foundational strikes and footwork, building up to more advanced techniques in the use of the single saber, double saber and saber staff combat. Graduated levels of mastery, tests and advanced classes are also available to those that decide to take up this sporting martial art for more than just a weekend.

You will learn and progress with:

  • Functional, realistic strikes and attack combinations

  • Footwork for striking and defending on the move

  • Combat tactics to allow you to duel effectively

  • Single saber combat

  • Double saber combat

  • Saber staff combat

The primary source of technical and tactical study of the Saber Sensei's™ Combat Light Saber System comes from Instructors Brent Bingham of the Agoge IMAA and Ford North of Modern Knights and is based on nearly 30 years of actual weapon combat experience. We are in no way afiliated with George Lucas, Star Wars or the Star Wars universe.

Hone your light saber skills, DUEL in REAL-TIME with no choreography and sharpen your Force Focus with training! Grab your friends, pick a class below and start sabering!

The Saber Sensei's™
Combat Light Saber
(This is a single 2 hour
Introductory class Sabers provided)
Excelent for first timers or small group


The CJO Jedi Academy
Monthly Membership

$80.00 (with our lightsaber)

$60.00 (with your light saber)

The Saber Sensei's™
Combat Light Saber Experience
Corporate / Groups
(Sabers provided, 10-30)
Perfect for Birthday Parties

From $500.00

Welcome to the Jedi Academy Saber Sensei's™ home page

The Jedi Academy was started in 2004 with the goal of merging functionial martial arts and weapons training with full contact lightsaber sparing.

At the Denver Jedi Academy you will experience the thrill of full contact lightsaber duelling as you learn the discipline and art of swordsmanship.

When it comes to saber duelling, no one else in the world offers the level of reality based training that we provide. The Denver Jedi Academy will teach you REAL skills that can be used in REAL life self defense situations. We utilize reality based systms and techniques to engage in an all inclusive sparring system proven to produce results in our Jedi practitioners. Ths is not make-believe combat. We firmly believe in teaching  real earthly weapon styles  and combat techniques that directly reflect their popular canon styles seen in the movies. Weapon sparring is a crucial and necessary part of Jedi practice.

All of our teachings are based on ancient martial arts practices in both European and Asian sword fighting techniques. We will guide you through the foundation strikes and footwork, building up to more advanced techniques in use in single saber, double saber and saber staff dueling.

Once you have the basics down, dueling with fellow saber combatants will no longer just be random swings in front of each other. You will be able to see attack lines, striking flows, weaknesses in your opponent defense, flanking movements and attack combinations. A new world will open to you as you get to experience the thrill of full conact lightsaber dueling.

Our Vision:

To bring the most inclusive reality based lightsaber dueling system to the world through the The Jedi Academy.

Our Mission:

To promote the fun and exhilarating art of swordsmanship through our fully interactive full contact Combat Saber System via classes, events and tournaments.

The training element of The Outlands Jedi Order and the Colorado Jedi Order,
The 'Jedi Academy' is built on 3 principle tenants:

HONOR              UNITY              SERVICE

Founded in TRUTH and the better part of valor, Honor is the for most guiding principle in the Jedi code and the basis for all decisions one must make in their own path in life.

Founded in LOVE and compassion for others, Unity as a guiding principle encourages people to work together to achieve a common goal and to resist the veil of darkness that tempts us all to evil deeds. Showing respect for different styles, preferences, and diverse cultural backgrounds allows Jedi practitioners of all styles to share, duel and grow together as one.

Founded in SELFLESSNESS, Service to others in life builds character and respect for individual daily struggle to flourish and survive. A Jedi practitioners main function is to serve and protect others as this gives each purpose, therefore Jedi train to be fit, healthy, and strong for ourselves, our loved ones and the people around us. We use our martial arts skills for just reasons and never in anger.

The Outlands Jedi Order™ is the premier Light saber and Jedi training Order of Colorado and governs the safety and applied training of smaller organizations in Colorado such as The Denver Saber Sensei's™ Lightsaber Academy. CJO is a Martial Order dedicated to the The way of the Jedi and Lightsaber Combat.

We are now forming:

  1. A Council of Jedi Enthusiast
  2. A National Lightsaber Association
  3. Lightsaber, Jedi Combat, and Instructorship Classes

Classes forming now!

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