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The Cage Fighter

Geared towards the Mixed Martial Artist. This combo features Equal portions of Kickboxing and Jui Jutsu blended together for perfect balance of stand up & ground fighting. Topped off with a healthy portion of sport conditioning. Comes with a generous side of take downs and submissions!

The Protector

If you are looking for the ultimate in self defense, the Protector package is for you! This plate features personal and tactical applications. You will learn unarmed close quarters combat and defenses against various weapons. Finished with a healthy portion of 3rd party defense.

The Warrior Sage

A blend of arts featuring flavors from around the world! Equal portions of traditional elements such as discipline, forms, and a slathering of meditation, come together to form the perfect balance of mental, spiritual and physical conditioning.

The Weapon Master

Learn the true ways of the blade warrior and weapon combat. This dish is chock full of weapon sparring, and practical application for the sword fighting enthusiasts. A must for modern soldiers and ancient warriors alike, this main course includes deadly take downs and defenses!