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SSgt. Cody Johnson USMC


SSgt Cody Johnson is the newest member of the Agoge profiled instructors, and is the founding instructor of Core Defense Martial Study.


Founding Instructor
Cody Lee Johnson 

    Core Defense Martial Study is a program created by Cody Lee Johnson.

   Cody began studying Martial Arts in 1993. His interests include wrestling, Karate, Muay Thai, Aikido, Shodokan and Kickboxing.

    After reading the book Tao of Jeet Kune Do, the idea was love at first sight. This very book started a long awaited interest in the philosophy and approach, that Bruce Lee and Dan Inosanto had taken to self defense.

  It was not until joining the Marine Corps in 1997 that Cody would continue his path to learn and one day strive to instruct others. This spurred his interest in the ground aspect of defense. He started training at McCullough's Submission fighting, now known as Beaufort Martial Arts Academy. The
grappling they taught there came from an art called Zanshindo 

   In 2002, Cody started training in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. It wasn't until 2004 that He would attend the
Martial Arts Instructors course, earning his green belt with instructor's stripe. Later that same year Cody would advance through much training, instructing and intense drills and sort of rights of passage to brown belt instructor and then Black belt instructor, the last rank still currently held.

   In 2005, Cody met Michael Zielinski, a full instructor under Paul Vunak. Mike also trained at the Inosanto Academy for a time. Mike was very gracious to undertake Cody and teach him a system that changed Cody's entire thinking of training and instructing self defense. 

  The system is known as Rapid Assault tactics (R.A.T.), Cody was granted a Street Kill Instructor by Mike himself.  This is a true testament to JKD Concepts and how each individual brings something new and evolved to the table.

   In 2009, Cody met with Patrick Spaulding, a Black Belt in Go-Ho-Ryu Jiu Jitsu. Patrick became the first Instructor Potential in CDMS and offers a Street Tactics approach to our program. This is not to be confused with ground submission fighting. This is street survival and incorporates perfectly within the R.A.T. and Core Defense.

Core Defense Martial Study was created to carry on these teaching and expand upon them constantly. This theory in Core Defense is what Cody calls "Self Discovery Through Training".

SSgt Cody L. Johnson

MCAS Beaufort, SC
Comm 843-263-2173

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