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Fun and Focused Super hero training for youth, children, and kid's!



We teach our future heroes life and leadership skills because they are so important in life for two reasons:


  1. Leaders naturally succeed and advance at a pace faster than their peers, so it's an extremely valuable life skill, and ...
  2. As your child becomes the leader within his/her circle of friends you'll be confident about them making good decision, rather than giving in to peer pressure or other negative influences!

Watch as your child becomes a natural leader!

Imagine a weekly program where your child learns super strength, has flying lessons, invincibility training, is part of a super team, and creates an plan of action to IMPROVE THEIR WORLD! At The Agoge IMAA's Super Hero Academy we take what comic book icons and heroes represent, and then create a weekly, 3 tiered program where your child will immerse themselves in the ultimate personal transformation adventure!

This program is based on the annual Super Hero Camps designed and developed by our friend Aaron Huey at Fire Mountain Programs to show your kids just how powerful they are AND how much they can affect the WORLD!

Your kids will learn:

  • Life and Leadership skills
  • The Super Heros' Action Philosophy
  • To create positive change using mind over matter
  • Social Balance and the Body, Mind, Spirit connection
  • Universal Law Theory and it's effect on EVERYTHING
  • How to think globally and act locally within their community
  • That a super kid can accomplish anything

Super fun activities include:

  • Fly Jump and land in our Extreme Super Hero Arena
  • Developing you Super Identity and costume making
  • Incredible super armor contest
  • Identifying the 3 Dangers and the REAL foes that threaten our world  

Don't look for heroes; be one! - Tony Robbins

Training your child to become MORE independent and develop powerful life and leadership skills is one of the most important things we can teach at the Agoge IMAA's Super Hero Academy program.

But that’s not all…

Here's what kid's and parents are saying about the Super Hero Academy program!

  • I watched as my kids learned how to handle stress easily and positively
  • Your child develops the courage to say NO! to peer pressure
  • My son learned healthy and effective conflict resolution and anger management skills
  • My Children learned realistic self-defense skills that could save their lives
  • My daughter was taught to practice discipline, responsibility and self-control to make sure she won't misuse this knowledge 

Your childs unique potential will be discovered, explored and developed to its maximum potential through personal attention with each of our qualified instructors

Your child will become bully proofas we teach them to ‘think smart’ to stay out of bad situations and stand up for themselves and only use physical force (martial arts) as a LAST resort...

Well teach your child effective goal setting, and successprinciples that make it easy for her to succeed in virtually any area of life (all high achievers in life utilized goal setting principles to succeed, we’ll teach your child this incredibly important life skill so she’ll be able to use it for the rest of her life!)

Youll love how your child will have such a positive attitude and outlook in all areas of her life. We teach our students the absolute importance of having a positive mental attitude so they learn from all their failures (without becoming disappointed or depressed and quitting) and they grow even more from their successes.

Read this amazing story about modern day real heros that is sweeping the nation called:

Costumed crusaders taking it to the streets


Children's private martial arts lessons are also available right now around the denver/boulder area!  Call us for information.


The Agoge is proud to be able to offer grants. In some cases, Scholarships are provide to at risk, and underprivileged children here in the Denver area. Please donate generously to Hopeful Tomorrow, a national children's charity, to ensure that these kid's retain access to valuable arts and physical programs!


To make a charitable donation and keep a kid in training.

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Then, click on the donations page and make a contribution in any amount in the name of the Agoge IMAA. Scholarships will be used for the benefit of children in Colorado.
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Did you know, We have brand new KID'S JEDI ACADEMY Classes starting at The Inverness Sports Complex!