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Complete Martial Arts Training:

  • Self Defense
  • Combat Sports
  • Conditioning & Fitness
  • Yoga and Tai Chi
  • Cultural Fighting Arts
  • Weapons Training 
  • Life Skills Development
  • Mixed Martial Arts

We Offer Seminars & Services Including:

  • Youth Services
  • Weekly classes
  • Private lessons
  • Group Classes
  • Summer Camps
  • Birthday Parties 
  • Theme Parties
  • Leadership Training
  • Confidence Courses
  • Life Skills Seminars
  • Enrichment Programs
  • Customized Activities
  • Adult Programming
  • Amateur/Pro Fight Training
  • Stunt and Fight co-ordination
  • Stage Combat for Film & Theater 
  • Boot camps
  • Corporate Team-Building
  • Corporate Fitness Plans
  • Event hosting
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Life Coaching
  • Law-Enforcement Tactics
  • Personal Security Detail

Who I Am, And How I Can Help You And Your Child...

My name is Brent Bingham, and for over 20 years I’ve been teaching Martial Arts, Fitness and Self Defense here in Denver.


During that time I’ve taught martial arts to many different people and on a daily basis I’ve worked with kids of all ages and backgrounds.


We have a LONG track record of helping parents, just like you, get incredible results from your children. And we work with all kinds of kids too!

See my profile on Linked In.

We can help...

  •         Handicapped children 

  •         ADD, ADHD, and other overactive children learned how to focus their energy and channel their attention on positive behaviors…
  •         Overweight children of all ages
  •         Smart children, who were previously bored in school, learned to set higher and higher goals for themselves and reach them…
  •         Shy children, previously afraid and timid, learned to come out of their “shell”, have fun and enjoy life…

 Check it out!

Our unique martial arts programs are designed to get you and your kids off the couch and into the action! The Agoge Martial Arts' programs and classes did all this and more … but now … this summer we can offer your child something EVEN BETTER!

All 6 Of The Agoge Programs Are:

  • Completely Customizable

  • Color Coded To Make It Easy To Select The Programs You Are Interested In!

  • Offered In A Variety Of Formats From Ongoing Weekly Sessions to One Time Only Events!

  •  CALL NOW! 1-866-490-7540

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Welcome to The Agoge, MMA For Kids, Teens and Families!

One school, six individual, stand alone courses of study!

Our mission is to inspire youth, teens and adults to pursue their goals and live with purpose, presence and power! We encourage involvement in our programs to uncover natural confidence and leadership by getting them off the couch and into the action!

Now-a-days it seems that video games are a quick way to feel accomplished ... ... and when my kid is done with that activity he watches TV for awhile. What is a parent to do? Well, we have an answer to your problem. Our programs are designed to attract your kids and teens to the same exciting things that draws them to the movies, video games and their favorite TV shows. The difference? You are the hero in the story, and you get to keep all the benefits and memories of your adventure! And when your done? ... well, all I can say is? ... my kid is always too tired to play video games or watch TV!

How do we do it?

I'll tell you... We are the only business that offers the variety of adventure themed, story driven physical fitness activities and life skills programs for kids, teens and families as the Agoge Mobile Academy of Mixed Martial Arts. At the Agoge, real martial arts and fitness are at the core of our service philosophy. The Agoge successfully combines exercises with engaging entertainment and a wide variety of themes. Armed with this "outside the box" style and method of instruction, our instructors evaluate your personal needs and set up a training program, party or team building event that suits your individual goals. Few schools in Denver Colorado area can match our amazingly fun, and adventurous style of instruction. Self defense training, personal fitness, weapons training, Jedi academy, mixed martial arts classes, self-defense lessons, martial arts lessons, personal training, even kickboxing, are just a phone call away.


As you can see, we offer a wide variety of unique programs that you won't find any where else! All of our programs are available as Group or Private learning opportunities! We also host the most amazing birthday parties and team building events that you can imagine! No Gimmicks, No Contracts, Just direct and real instruction with a big dose of imagination  and awesome entertainment in any location you choose.


Each of the Agoge's 6 Programs is

  • An independent, stand alone product
  • COLOR CODED to make it easy to identify
  • CUSTOMIZABLE to meet your needs
  • Available as private, personal training and awesome small group lessons
  • Contact our mixed martial arts center in Denver, Colorado, for in these unique, one of a kind classes!


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