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Jedi Academy: Battlefront Weekend

Star Wars Themed Boffer/Nerf Battle Front and Jedi Academy in Denver Colorado 

Saturday Feb. 20th, 2016 1pm-7pm 

Sign in for BF starts at 12 noon

Sign in for JA starts at 3pm


The Art of Sword and Chivalry

12445 E. 39th Ave. Unit# 509

Denver CO 80239

Nerf: Battlefront Saturday Feb 20th 1pm – 3pm
Jedi Academy Saturday Feb 20th 5pm – 7pm

Get off the couch and into the action!

Kick things off on Saturday from 1pm untill 3pm as we go head to head in live, full on, Nerf Battlefront action! This is a Star wars themed day and cosplay is highly encouraged. Get you geek on and be in the action as we run through quests and battles for all ages and skill levels.

Bring your own Nerf: Nerf guns, nerf swords, lightsabers and bring eye protection please (we have limited supplies available for rental)

Then from 5pm untill 7pm join the Denver Jedi Academy and immerse yourself in the ways of the Jedi warrior as you work with our master instructors with real live techniques for lightsabers. Experience the thrill of  informative classes and hands on esperience with the use of custom lightsabers. Please bring a lightsaber to practice. All ages and skill levels welcome to all of our activities

Battlefront: $10.00 at the door

Jedi Academy $10.00 at the door

OR Stay and play for both activities $15.00 at the door

Please show up 1 hour prior to sign in and check gear, thank you.

 You will want to Join this event now by going to our event page on Face Book– space is limited do not miss out! Join by clicking the “going” button to reserve your place.


The Walking Dead Premier Party

October 16th, 2011

Cinebarre - Thornton

10001 Grant Street

Thornton, CO 80229

Zombie Defense Tactics Hosts The Walking Dead Season 2 Premier Party

Zombie Defense Tactics (ZDT) and “I want more comics” are hosting the AMC world premiere of The Walking Dead, a show dealing with survivers of a zombie apocalypses, at Cinebarre-Thornton on October 16th, 2011 at 7pm. 

The Premier is Free, The food is great, and very affordable, and There will be activities and prizes to be had!

Come and join us for a scary show and some outrageous action as we give you and your "horde" opportunities to become heros of the zombie appocolypse!

"ZDT, we're whacking zombies for a hopeful tommorrow!"

Agoge Warrior, Dominick "Darkow" Garkow Wins by Tap out!

On Friday May 20th, 2011.  Our very own Dominick "Darkow" Garkow won his match against "Downtown" Sascha Brown of Serial Boxe in the first minute and 3 seconds of the first round when they stepped into the cage at the Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz Event held at Red and Jerry's.

For more pic's click here. For video, click here.

CONGRATULATIONS TO 2-0 Dominick Garkow as the Agoge Warriors Team goes 5-2 combined.

Agoge Warrior, Nate "The Huntsman" Hunter Takes Second at State!

On Saturday, May 17th in Colorado Springs, Our very own Nate Hunter competed in a BJJ State Championship. Nate fought hard to get into the final round of competition and took second place overall!


Press Release: Whacking Zombies benefits at risk youth!

Posted 8/23/10 Above: Agoge instructor and ZDT Master Brent Bingham accepts a check from a walmart rep for 1000 dollars on behalf of Hopeful Tomorrow, A National Childrens Charity. To date, the Agoge's Break-a-thon's have raised over $5000 dollars so far!  Visit today to make a pledge and be sure to include The Agoge in the studio name subject line.

Read More or Make a donation Today!

Brent Bingham breaks everything for kids charity Hopeful Tomorrow on youtube.

For Immediate Realease: ZDT and Annual Denver Zombie Crawl Organizers team up for a Hopeful Tomorrow!

TIME: October 23rd All day

LOCATION: 16th Street Mall, Denver CO 80246

DESCRIPTION: Zombie Defense Tactics will host a Zombie Whack-A-Thon for charity this October at the annual Denver Zombie Crawl. ZDT will have a variety of carnival styled activites, most only 1 dollar! Proceeds will go to Hopeful Tomorrow, A National Childrens Charity that provides scholarships to underprivilidged kids to participate in the Arts.

CONTACT NAME: Brent Bingham 720-217-2572

For information on the Zombie Crawl, discount wristband offer, and pre-registration for this FREE event, click here and go to

Posted 7/11/10 ™CJO

KID "FORCE" Jedi Academy Camp


Inverness Sports Complex July 27th, 28th, and 29th.  

DESCRIPTION   Lightsaber Fun and Games


Click Here for more info!

Posted 7/12/10 ™CJO

Summer Jedi Academy at Bixby


There are two more summer camps available at Bixby in Boulder Co. for this summer.  Please sign up a head of time. 

Session 4: July 19

Session 5: August 2

M, T, W, TH, F each week 1:30-3:00 p.m.


$100 for each session (Call or email about multiple session discount)

To register contact Ford at 720-221-3553 or

Modern Knight paperwork should be completed before first session.


Posted 07/11/10 ™ZDT

You will,

  • ..increase your chances of surviving the impending necropoliptic threat
  • ..Practice basic self defense skills and zombie destruction
  • ..Learn to identify different zombie types
  • ..Discover methods of dealing with physical encounters of the zombie kind as well as 3rd party rescue and defense
  • ..Participate in the Human vz Zombie war for survival




Thursday, July 15, 2010


6:00pm - 8:00pm


Bijou Bar and Grill


2510 East Bijou Street


Colorado Springs, CO


This event is $15 bucks



Join Jack Boru - international zombie hunter and the ladies of - peaks and pasties - at Bijou bar and grill in Colorado Springs for a night of games and zombie destruction.

come along and show that you care...

Come and destroy zombiefied "heads", play games and learn some real self defense skills! This Fun and Informative "zombie self defense" (ZDT) seminar will help you and your loved ones survive the impending Zapocalypse and spread your (ZAK) zombie ass kicking seed! Zombies and "Z" Hunters  encouraged to dress the part!


Instructor Brent 720-217-2572



The Agoge IMAA

To Host Charity Event for at-risk Colorado Youth

Posted 5/10/10

Contact Instructor Brent


Won't You Help? Take the 10 dollar challenge!

Hopeful Tomorrow and Agoge Integrated Martial Arts Academy would like to invite the community to come out and view these exciting martial arts demonstrations to raise awareness for their cause. If you have ever given thought to becoming involved in the martial arts, then this is the perfect opportunity to see why millions of Americans seek the mental and physical benefits provided by martial arts programs.  You won’t want to miss this exciting event! For more information or to donate, please visit


TIME : Sat. May 15th 2010 9AM SHARP!
5275 S. DTC Parkway
Greenwood Vlg CO 80011  

   The Agoge Integrated Martial Arts Academy will be hosting a martial arts showcase to benefit the at-risk youth of the local Colorado community on Saturday, May 15th at 9:00am. Area martial arts Instructor Brent Bingham will be breaking as many boards as possible to raise money for the national children’s charity Hopeful Tomorrow.

   The week of May 8th – 15th has been declared National Break Week by the charity, and martial arts studios throughout the United States will be hosting similar events in their respective cities. The funds will be used to provide scholarships for local children to participate in physical arts programs that their families would normally be unable to afford.

   Hopeful Tomorrow is a national children’s charity dedicated to providing disadvantaged and at-risk children the opportunity to pursue their passion and dreams in physical, cultural and fine arts programs such as dance, gymnastics, martial arts and music. A positive mentor and a creative outlet can make a huge difference in the life of an at-risk child.


Posted 5/03/10 ™ZDT

ZDT rocks the house!

Last friday's ZDT seminar was a huge success and we want to thank everyone who came out, there were alot of new people. Zombie Examiner "Jess D'Arbonne" was there to get the scoop and aid in the defense effort from the undead! Read her article for the whole story!

Click Here

Posted 4/10/10 ™CJO

The Colorado Jedi Order is A Martial Arts Order dedicated to the Way of the Jedi and Lightsaber Combat

The Colorado Jedi Order's FIRST CALL TO ORDER

APRIL 22, 2010 6pm-845pm
George Reynolds Library
3595 Table Mesa Drive
Boulder, CO 80305


Discuss the way of the JEDI and Lightsaber Combat as we contemplate the application of various forms of study to the real world
Jedi Baru 720-221-3553

Posted 4/10/10 ™Agoge

We will be promoting our upcoming ZDT night at StarCon! See add below↓



April 17th 2010
Denver Tech Hilton


Join The Agoge, ZDT and CJO at Star Con this weekend to learn empty hand techniques for defending yourself against the Zombie Threat! And CJO will have 2 basic lightsaber classes as well! SEE YOU THERE!


Instructor Brent Bingham

01/01/2010 New Instructor Profiled with the Agoge core of Instructors!   

       The Agoge would like to extend a warm welcome to SSgt Cody Johnson of the US Marines, our newest profiled instructor! For more information, Please see Cody's profile for instruction in the Beaufort SC area!

Cody's course curriculum starts with the
introduction of Rapid Assault tactics (R.A.T.), the Core concept of the curriculum. The curriculum is broken into four phases, Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV. Each phase addresses stand up, grappling and weapons defense and use. Each Phase continues to branch from its foundation and Core Concept of R.A.T. This is based from Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipino Kali and the perpetuation of its growth. Wrapped into the structure is Force Continuum applied from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program (MCMAP) and Go-Ho-Ryu Jiu Jitsu street based tactics to complete CDMS's approach in the phases by addressing the application of Force Continuum and reality based senerios, based on the situation at hand.


01/30/2010  Instructors from the Agoge meet and train with Martial Arts Legend, Guru Dan Inosanto!

       This pastweek end Instructors Brent Bingham and Ira Saks were afforded a once in a lifetime opportunity to train with world renowned teacher Dan Inosanto! Dan, personally appointed spokesman of the JKD system by Bruce Lee, shared his vast knowledge of the martial arts with a class of over 30 at the United Martial Arts Academy. Both instructors recieved certificates of participation in the 2 day seminar.


Jedi Academy


Friday nights

  • 7:30pm to 9pm
  • Drop off your kids, ages 6 to 12 years! All ages welcome! AND, parents can play and practice with their kids FREE!
  • Bring a friend, get a discount!
  • Drop in Only $20/kid!
  • Pre-registrationrequired!


 To sign up:

Call Tracy Dudley/ 303.683.9200  /

82 Inverness Drive East, A-2 / Englewood, CO 80112



    • Just drop-off your kids in costumes and armed with their favorite plastic lightsabersand Nerf guns!
    • Safe and fun StarWars-like lightsaber dueling games, missions, and full-on battlefront adventures!
    • Missions led by black-belt instructors!

Tracy Dudley, MBA
Program Manager
Sports Complex at Inverness


Boulder weapons expert and Agoge instructor FORD "the Ferret" NORTH to make his amateur debut at Kickdown 71!

KICK DOWN 71 "Wyoming MMA"

On Saturday October 17, 2009 the Kick Down MMA promotion returns to Casper, Wyoming. Former Chuck Norris World Combat League veteran Damond Clark will face Jose Beltran in the main event and Ken Scott will battle long time Kick Down veteran John Sargent. Boulderite Ford North will make his ameteur MMA debute. Several fighters from Casper and other cities in the state will showcase their skills and represent "Wyoming MMA' as it has become very popular in the "Cowboy State" over the past 3 years as the sport of mixed martial arts continues to grow.  

 Damond Clark VS  T.B.D. 
 Ken Scott VS   John Sargent
 Ed Sensenich VS Chris Dollbaum
 T.B.D. VS  Mike Van Houten
 Todd Pomeroy VS  John Zahn
 Lee Hardin  VS  Jared Olguin
Clint Eberspecher VS  Eduardo Delgado 
Adam Dorn VS  Jerrick Jackson 

Charles Parrack 

Gary Petley



Dwayne Coe

Ford North

Dillon Reed VS Jesse Guilliford
Brandon Feather  VS Triston McKinney
Margaret Bloom VS  T.B.D.
Billy Johnson  VS  Nick Jackson



Instructor Brent wins match in a 3 round battle to a decision at KICK DOWN 70 "FURIOUS"

Saturday October 3, 2009

Instructor Brent "the Bing-Cherry" Bingham

Doors opened at 6:30PM first bout at 7:30PM

On Saturday October 3, 2009Kick Down MMA promotion returned to the Red Lion Hotel for an evening of Mixed Martial Arts action and their 70th event since 2002. Louise Johnson made her return to the Kick Down to face Danielle Thompson from Cheyenne, Wyoming. Nick Macias made his professional debut against upstart Emmanuel Chapman in the men’s main event of the evening.

  • Byron sowell faced Shane Johnson in his first title defense as the Kick Down lightweight champion. 
  • Jamie Addie faced Jose Marin for the first ever Kick Down Jr. Flyweight MMA title.
  • Steve Johnson faced Larry Williams. Garth Heth returned to action after a layoff of over a year.
  • Brent Bingham made his amateur MMA debut against Ben Ashuer in a hard fought 3 round decision.
  • On the under card and as always new talent from all over the region made up the fight card. 

For more details on these fights or to purchase dvd's log on to