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Why should YOU or your TEEN come to ZDT



...give me one short evening and I'll show YOU how to SHED YOUR FEAR, TAKE CHARGE, and BECOME A HERO!

The New AMC series, THE WALKING DEAD, reinforces and supports many things that our program is about! And now....

You can Choose 5 different ways you can sink your teeth into ZDT!


FREE SAMPLES: Imagine me holding an audience mesmerized for 30 minutes! I'll cover 5 simple ways to prepare for survival from the walking dead and their ilk! Read more.


ZDT TEAM BUILDING EVENTS: You will have to use creative problem solving as you and your elite "Z" squad become the heroes in your own walking dead themed adventure! Our ZDT events use story driven, interactive game play and intense, challenging activities designed to get you OFF THE COUCH and INTO THE ACTION! See video, read more.


ZDT ZOMBIE-FIT BOOTCAMPS: Lose those buldges while you prepare to defend humanity from the walking dead! GET FIT, SHED POUNDS, KICK BUTT!


ZDT WEEKEND INTENSIVES: Watch as your family and friends conquer fear and use team work to defeat the uprising and SECURE THE SURVIVAL OF MANKIND! Read more.


ZDT MASTER ZAK CERTIFICATION PROGRAM: If you are looking for thoroughly engaging entertainment and an immersive zombie experience, THIS SELF STUDY PROGRAM IS IT! We will be publishing the certification requirements and levels for this program soon! Be prepared for a challenge!


  Here's a sample of what you will experience when you participate in a ZDT intensive event or bootcamp...

  •  You will develope self confidence and self esteem by achieving your individual mission objectives...
  •  You'll feel stronger in mind and body when you can successfully defend your self and progress to more difficult challenges...
  • Watch in amazement as your teens immerse themselves in the story line and come home exhausted...
  • You'll learn to instantly asses threat levels in dangerous situations and address them appropriately...
  • Your teen will learn team work by participating and succeeding with their new friends at the event...
  • You and your teen will be FLAT OUT PUMPED and excited to come to the next ZDT event, there alway's something new and fun to do!
  • ZDT is alway's challenging and NEVER Boring

  So send grandma and the kids and our highly trained "ZAK" instructors will teach your family extreme z'urvival skills for those uncomfortable confrontations with the walking dead! 


ZDT is great for:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Theme Parties
  • Team building
  • Corporate Events
  • Teens & Adults
  • Leadership Skills
  • Fitness Boot Camps
  • Funerals and Wakes (You never know)

Participants will learn to:

  • Take responsibility for themselves and their safety.
  • Take charge of finding solutions to challenging situations.
  • Find a true source of power that will affect everything they do.
  • Learn new skills useful in every area of their lives.
  • Connect with others who want adventure!
  • Overcome fear and doubt.  
  • Have a blast!

They are coming...........................


YOU may already be a ZOMBIE or suffer from some form of zombie-ism!

Lets investigate…

zom-bie (noun)

  1. a person considered to lack energy, enthusiasm, or the ability to think independently
  2. a dead body supposedly brought back to life again using voodoo
  3. a strong alcoholic drink made with different types of rum; consumption of which may result in various symptoms such as: stumbling, moaning, and excessive appetite
  4. a conscripted soldier assigned to home defense (during World War II)
  5. a hidden software program that is installed on another computer by means of a virus, allowing it to be accessed remotely and used to access or attack another computer
  6. a remotely controlled person or computer that has been zombie-fied

Call today and I will rush you a copy of ZDT's hilarious social report that reveals why zombies are so important! It's called.....

Denver Residents Spill their Guts About ZDT!”



To read more, click here!

 If you think you are finally ready to be a ZAK hero, take this quick quiz to decide!

ZDT  “Z”apocalypse Survival Diagnosis and Profiling Questions”


1. What keeps YOU awake at night, indigestion boiling up in your esophagus, eyes open, staring at the ceiling?  Is it pain, loss, …fear of the undead? DO you suffer from one or more of the following

  a. Consumed by Low Energy

  b. Self-Image Sucks

  c. Starving for Power 

  d. Craving Security


2. Do YOU gnash your teeth at the thought of joining the ranks of the recently re-animated?


3. Are YOU chomping at the bit because zombies only love you for your brains?

  a. Are the revenants rising up keeping YOU down?


4. What's eating YOU?

  a. Poor physical condition gnawing at your insides

  b. Low self-esteem consuming your thoughts

  c. Feeling powerless in the face of infectious epidemics


5. Does the Impending Necropalypse affect your focus at work?


6. Do YOU secretly desire to be a hero in the aftermath of a Zombie Outbreak?


7. When met head on with brain-hungry ghouls, Is there a built in bias to the way YOU make decisions?

  a. Example: overly analytical= "meatsnack"

  b. Example: in-ability making decisions= "bait class individual"


8. Do YOU have an unquenchable brain-thirst for competitive intelligence over the forces of evil?


9. Have diets, fitness routines or self defense classes left YOU feeling malnourished and hungry for more?


10. Will YOU to take a bite out of life before THEY take a bite out of you?


If you would like to finally Dominate your fear of the UN-DEAD, or to book a free Zombie Survival 101 munch and learn presentation and receive your Copy of this letter and report, CALL TODAY!


Zombie Defense Tactics 1-866-490-7540   

warning and disclaimer: The terms meatsnack and bait class individual are the vernacular of and belong to As of yet, zd.o has neither confirmed nor denied zdt.c from using and or referencing them... Check them out, and buy one of their shirts while you are there.